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We stock an extensive range of quality Educational Toys, wooden toys, learning toys and early learning resources. These developmental toys are all designed to stimulate activity and creativity in babies, toddlers, and children. We also have a great selection of puzzles, board games and science kits to challenge older children including teenagers. Children’s craft kits and puppets are also specialty areas.

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Why Educational Toys Matter?

You may not realize it, but kids learn best through play, which is why educational toys are key to their development and make great gifts. From infancy until kindergarten, kids are taught basic skills and concepts through playful actions, such as singing, drawing, and stacking.

Educational toys are specifically designed for these purposes, helping to develop different areas, such as math, literacy, science and more. They can teach a baby how to recognize shapes and track objects, help a toddler learn phonics or encourage a kid’s creativity and artistry.

How Choosing Right Educational Toys?

As you can see, there are a variety of educational toys to choose from, but matching what a toy can do to a child’s needs can be tricky. Here are factors to consider when buying one of these toys:

Multiple Uses: A toy that performs more than one function, such as blocks, is great because it can grow with your child.

Simplicity: While you want kids to learn different, sometimes complex concepts, the toy they use should be easy to operate, otherwise they will give up and not learn anything.

Purpose: The toy should be fun, first and foremost, but it should also have a purpose. Whether it is to teach an infant to track objects or a toddler balance, understand what it does before you buy it.

About child growth

Children under the age of three should not watch TV or sit playing games on a tablet, while those aged three and four should not have more than an hour of screen time a day.

-- World Health Organization

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We guarantee you that the cleverly designed educational toys we have on offer will make your child’s imagination run wild and keep them engaged for hours. Plus you get the benefit of making savings across our range! Most of the best selling brands have great sales that you will find hard to beat anywhere else.

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